Network Printing


Benefits of Network Printing

  • Keep printing costs down
  • Far more reliable
  • More professional looking printouts


Explanation of Network Printing

The days of having each workstation set up with individual printers are over. With a network printer a limitless number of workstations can print to a single laser printer. The initial cost of a laser printer is slightly higher than an inkjet, but your cost per page printed will significantly decrease by as much as a ten-fold. Laser printers are designed to handle volume and many are capable of printing hundreds of thousands of pages in their life. Each workstation is configured so when the user clicks print the document will go directly to the laser printer. The price of color laser printers is now more affordable than ever and they make a great addition to an office. The number of network printers necessary will depend on the physical layout of your business since it is generally a hassle to walk around to retrieve printed documents. We recommend each business have at least two network printers so in the event that one goes down employees can temporarily print to a backup printer. We also provide great prices on replacement toners and cartridge.

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