Server Implementation and Maintenance


Benefits of Servers

  • Centralize data for easy backup
  • Allow users to share the same data
  • Have access to all employee files


Explanation of Servers

Servers are a vital asset to any small business. Servers can be as simple as a file server which hosts files that employees can have access to. With this type of server it is possible to limit which users have access to which files and more specifically which users can just view the file without altering them and which users have the ability to modify the files. Many programs like Quickbooks and Filemaker can be hosted off a server like this. This is a great solution for small businesses.

Active Directory servers do everything a simple file server does and more. The biggest difference with active directory is that each users files are stored on the server. Employees can log onto their user account from any computer in the workplace and their files and permissions will load on that computer. This solution is beneficial to larger small businesses.

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