Website Filtering


Benefits of Website Filtering

  • Prevent access to certain websites
  • Increase productivity
  • Help protect network from malicious attack


Explanation of Website Filtering

Website filtering is becoming more important than ever in today's work environment. Web Filters prevent employees from going to websites that are unrelated to their daily work such as Myspace and Facebook. The average employee spends 2 hours in every 8-hour workday wasting time; implementing a web filter can minimize this time. Many of these filtering devices are completely customizable to allow necessary access while disallowing sites pre-determined to be unnecessary. Many filtering devices also create logs of user internet activity in order to provide accountability if an employee were to partake in an illegal activity through the company internet connection. More importantly most of these devices add an additional layer of protection from malicious programs from making it into your network in the first place. A good filter will greatly improve employee productivity and help protect the network.

We have multiple options for web filtering based on the level of customization that is necessary and budget constraints. These devices have become less and less expensive making it more worth the investment.

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