Wired Networking


Benefits of Wired Networking

  • Faster and more reliable
  • Allows for fastest connection speeds available
  • Very secure
  • Relatively low cost of implementation
  • Simple Installation


Explanation of Wired Networking

Wired networks are the backbone, simplest, and generally most secure form of any network and are vital to almost every small business. Each computer has an Ethernet cord that connects the computer to a switch. The switch is like a splitter that allows all the devices on the network to communicate with each other. Today standard networks transmit data at 100 mbps, but speeds of 1000 mbps are just around the corner with almost every computer shipping with the capability. Less then 10 years ago networks were only capable of 10 mbps, which is not enough for many of today’s applications. Additionally if your business is physically large or you have multiple buildings on the same property a fiber connection will be much more reliable way to tie two buildings together. Network technologies are constantly improving and an up to date network will keep your business running optimally.

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