Complete Small Business Protection Package


Benefits of Complete Small Business Protection Package

  • Prevent problems before they occur
  • Reduce downtime due to technology problems
  • Keep all systems running optimally so you can focus on running your business
  • Guarantee minimal software related problems


Explanation of Complete Small Business Protection Package

The Small Business Protection Package is designed specifically to protect small businesses. Preventative measures are always less costly then repairs. Data is one of the most valuable assets of a business and costs could be astronomical if the data is compromised. Computers running efficiently ensures all employees can do their job properly. Additionally consider the money your business could loose if no one can work for even a few hours. The protection package is designed to minimize the aforementioned concerns.

The package includes:

  • Network infiltration protection
  • Virus protection on all computers
  • Customizable website content filtering
  • 2 GB of remote data backup
  • Computer and Network Monitoring
  • Monthly Computer Remote Inspection
  • Discounted Remote Assistance Rate
  • VPN Access to your business
  • And many more advantages.

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