About Us



  • Mike Scarpa - Principal and Head Technician
  • Over 8 Years of technology business experiance
  • Strives to create a personalble IT experience


Innovative Tech LLC was founded by Mike Scarpa. As a young child Mike was always interested in cutting edge technology. In 2001 when he was a freshman at Xavier High School he and a friend started a company called GSG Computing. This company focused primarily on residential customers and the duo depended on their parents for providing rides to customer’s houses. Towards the end of their high school career they started acquiring small business accounts including multiple Jackson Hewitt tax offices. The two soon graduated high school and attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, but being away at college made it difficult to conduct business in Connecticut.


After spending his first year of college in Worcester taking 300 level Management Information Systems classes, Mike decided he would like to stay local in Connecticut. He chose to attend Quinnipiac University and major in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. He lived at home and decided to expand his landscaping business he started in high school and was able to expand the business to a customer base of over 100 clients. Additionally throughout his 3 years at Quinnipiac University he was the IT Manager for the Valenti Auto Group car dealerships and singlehandedly managed over 300 network devices in 5 different physical locations across Connecticut. As graduation time rolled around Mike decided he wanted to start a technology business that focused on the needs of small businesses. His first account was Northeastern Shaped Wire in Southington, CT.

He is currently working on building the business and strengthening relationships with vendors in order to provide clients with the best products at a great price. While there are many technology businesses to choose from, the majority are run by individuals with only technical abilities. With Innovative Technologies this is not the case; Mike brings both his technology abilities and real world business experience to the table to provide your company with the best service possible in the years to come.